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About David Simpson


David’s talent for sizing up opportunity and applying creativity was born of necessity. His family had moved six times before he was twelve, including two stints in Istanbul, Turkey. David learned how to embrace change and how to connect quickly and authentically with a wide range people.  The constant thread throughout his career has been one of uncovering good ideas, bringing people together around them and finding the resources to translate them into reality.  For examples of his work, please scroll down or click on the links below.  

David was educated at The Hotchkiss School, Williams College, Oxford University and Golden Gate School of Law. 



  • In 2020, David co-founded Microgrid Networks, a NYC-based green energy company installing utility-grade batteries and related renewable energy equipment. David helped raise the start-up capital and facilitated the follow-on, significant investment from a leading green energy private equity group.

  • Recognizing the power of combining voice and visual images as a fundraising and sales tool, David, in 2000, co-founded GoldMail/PointAcross, a cutting edge SAAS company whose clients ranged from IBM to Avon and from the national Association of Fundraising Professionals to the Oakland Raiders.

  • David co-founded a consulting firm in 1990 - decades before the public had woken up to global warming - dedicated to helping green businesses thrive.  For ten years, Environmental Futures, Inc. helped dozens of cutting-edge companies, achieved millions of dollars of revenue and was ultimately sold to an international consulting firm.

  • In an effort to thwart the monopolization of internet access, David lead the creation and rapid growth of the California trade association of independent internet service providers - CISPA. With more than 100 company members, it was the largest and most influential industry group of its kind. David also initiated an anti-trust lawsuit against AT&T which went to the Supreme Court.



  • David, as Executive Director - and with the help of a small, dedicated team - orchestrated the turn-around of a national non-profit which provides long-term, free therapy to foster youth, A Home Within (AHW). Once the organization was stable, David created a partnership with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), raised $2.5M and launched service to hundreds of additional foster youth. 

  • As Chair of the Board of Back On Track, an afterschool enrichment program, David was responsible for identifying, booking and ensuring the success of the Back On Track’s yearly fundraising event. These events featured such luminaries as Angela Davis, Cornel West, and Maya Angelou and were the primary funding support for the program.

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  • David’s investigative reporting at The Times-Picayune/States-Item included an exposé on the high accident rates among oil field workers and a 20-part series on the economic and social fallout from the combination of mismanagement of the South’s largest electric utility and local, state and federal regulatory failures.

  • David’s published work includes local and state news reporting, interviews with international politicians and writers, Op Eds (on subjects ranging from police reform to philanthropy), human interest stories and book and concert reviews. 

  • As a lawyer, consultant and executive director, David has written and given speeches, advocated in a range of public and private settings, and created a wide variety of advocacy pieces.

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